September 2, 2015


Dear Friends at D&D Landscaping,

I want to take this moment and thank you, once again, for your amazing service. Imagine a tree falling onto our roof this past August was so very startling and scary to say the least. One phone call to you provided us with quick professional attention for our needs and a deep sense of security. Your crew showed up within hours to access the damage and to secure our home and personal safety. Your team, just like when hurricane Sandy took a tree to  it’s limits, just “moments” away from falling onto our home were our first responders then and now.

It would be our pleasure to speak on your behalf should you need a customer referral in the future.

D&D provided professional emergency tree removal with their most amazing team. And your foremen, Chris was not only pleasant, but also kept his skilled eye on safety for the crew and for my property. I can’t thank you enough.

Best wishes. You have a place in this community that offer’s the public grade A+ service.  We are proud to be your customer.

Martha Kimmel and family


“Dear everyone at D and D,

I am thrilled to have hired your company to transform my back yard from an overgrown weed hill to a flat surface for my grandchildren to enjoy. You built an amazing stone retaining wall. You installed a bridge to go from my back deck to the “new” yard. The men who did this seven day project were professional, competent, and a pleasure to talk to. They gave me ideas to improve on the original plan. Some we followed upon, and some we did not.

My neighbor thanked me for increasing the value of my property and thereby, hers as well. I will gladly show off my backyard to anyone who has doubts about your company.

Yours truly,
Barry K.


“We’d bought a house with a yard that had been neglected for a number of years, and was overgrown with large, self-seeded trees. Steve came in and was immediately more knowledgeable about the trees than the guy from Barlett Tree Services. He was also very straightforward, listened to what I wanted, and also was able to offer his thoughts on what needed to be done. He is a certified arborist.

Steve and his great, very polite team came in and removed seven very large trees, and then shaped and cleaned up the remaining large trees. They also cleared up a lot of overgrown shrubs, cleared an area of weeds and vines, and trimmed down ovegrown privet hedge to regrow. The whole process took three days and they left the yard immaculate (with a few remaining jobs that they are going to come back and finish off when Spring starts).

The yard now looks “park-like” in the words of a visitor who came by — it went from an untended forest to a beautiful open space, with trees that now look like specimen trees in a park.

I’ve been very impressed with Steve, who is Steve’s backup guy in the office. Steve is very professional, pleasant to talk to and knowledgeable about all landscaping, tree care, and planting. I am now continuing to work with them on ongoing projects to create my own garden, including installing a deer fence, laying a formal lawn, preparing large flower beds and eventually laying a slate terrace, and new driveway (Steve is also a trained mason). In all ongoing discussions they are very open to following my ideas, and watch my budget very carefully so I really feel like I am getting very good value and service for my money”.

Faye — Snedens Landing, Palisades, NY

“Hey Steve. Just a short note to thank you and your crew at D&D Landscaping. We are so happy with all the work you have done for us over the last two years. Leveling the yard and creating a beautiful stone wall accented by the magnificent “Green Giant” arborvitaes along the back of the property enhances the yard greatly. The complete privacy creates added value as well as enjoyment to our property. We are also enjoying the beautiful bluestone patio that you built and have relocated the barbecue to this area so we now have a multi-tiered entertainment area. Heck, with trex deck, bluestone patio, pool and spa in your backyard there is no reason to leave home for a vacation! Thanks again for your professionalism, creativity, hard work and reasonable pricing. I definitely highly recommend D&D Landscaping for landscaping jobs both large and small.”
Nancy Miller — Nanuet, NY


“Steve, Just wanted to say thanks for the great job your crew did today at my house. They arrived right on time and worked very hard from the moment they got here until they left. I have used contractors and landscapers in the past but your guys really exceeded my expectations. The initial job was to cut down and remove two extremely large trees which was no easy task due to wood fences and structures very close by. I then added four more trees to the job and your crew was able to finish the job all in one day. They did such a great job in removing all the wood and debris that my yard actually looks better than it did before they started. I would highly recommend you to anyone that I know not only for the quality but also the cost which was very reasonable for the job they got done. I am truly a satisfied and happy customer!!”
Linda Hill – Suffern, NY


“Steve, Just want to say thanks for the excellent work you and your crew did for me and my family here in lovely Greenwood Lake, NY. The rock wall Alfredo built looks like a sculpture an artist would have created along with the natural look of the landscaping that blends so nicely with it’s surroundings. Not to mention the re-grooming of our gravel driveway, I don’t think it’s ever been so level before. It was a pleasure having you and your crew work here and I just wish more landscapers were as honest and thorough as D&D Tree and Landscaping. Oh and one other thing…Steve my wife thinks “your the best” and this my friend is VERY important!!!!”
Rich DeLisi – Greenwood Lake, NY


“Dear Steve,

I saw your new website, and I felt compelled to pen you a quick note. Since you first selectively cleared a heavily wooded 2 acre lot for my home in Connecticut, I have been very pleased with both your design, building and maintenance capabilities. As you know, you have built and restored over 700 feet of stone walls, one of which is the two-level natural fieldstone boulder and stone embankment feature, which is a centerpiece of the property, and also contains the river bed and waterfall you designed and installed.

From our perspective, you have a unique “eye” for what works for the property, and you also listen carefully to our tastes and inclinations, and we have turned the property into both a functional primary residence for our family, and a sanctuary. I particularly like your use of select “specimen” trees and plants, including the stand of River Birch, a large Cut-leaf Beech, the tall and “overarching” Lebanese Cedar, and the columnar Beech.

As you know, we have been designing a formal entry way which will include “large plateau blue stone step-landings”, fieldstone “wing walls” and integrated lighting, which will all tie into the water-fall and two-level wall and waterfall feature. Lastly, your use of lighting to accent the house and the landscape makes it easy to enjoy the property at night under the stars, which we do frequently.

We look forward to seeing you again in the spring for the next phase and our annual addition to the property.”
John & Carina


FRYER SELECTS D&D TREE & LANDSCAPE TO COMPLETE THEIR VISION FOR WORLD HEADQUARTERS“PATTERSON, NY Oct, 30, 2008 — When Fryer Machine Systems, Inc. bought the building they were renting in 2006, it didn’t take them long to start renovations. They added a 10,000 square foot addition to the front of the building to give a stronger visual presence to their world headquarters. Owner Larry Fryer prides himself on using green principals and as part of that vision wanted to not only have a beautiful landscape, but also to preserve as much of the present plantings as possible.

After interviewing several companies, Fryer chose D&D Tree & Landscaping. Fryer observes, “It was important to have the landscaping company involved before we ever broke ground. D&D was instrumental in telling us which trees and shrubs could be saved for replanting once construction was complete.” D&D not only selected the trees to be reused but also carefully packed them to be sure they would survive through the varying seasons that would transpire over the course of construction.

Once construction was complete, D&D worked with Fryer to select the rest of the plantings to complete the project. Fryer stated, “We couldn’t be more pleased with D&D’s selections and overall installation. They have given us a beautiful park-like setting that visitors to our facility always notice. It gives them a great feeling about us even before they walk through the door.”

Of the four companies that I called, D&D Tree and Landscaping were the only ones that responded almost immediately. They came the day they said they would for the estimate, even in the pouring rain. This was a Friday and they came on a Monday, and did a wonderful job. Their crew was fantastic, their clean-up and professionalism were beyond what I experienced previously with companies in this area and I have lived here over 20 years. And might I add, their price was the most reasonable that I’ve paid with other services.

Please note that I am not affiliated with them in any way, just a very satisfied customer.


Guadalupe Martinez


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